Thwarting Database Defects at NJ SQL Server Users Group 2011-10-18

When: Tuesday, October 18th 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Presenters: Sebastian Meine and Dennis Lloyd

Topic: TDD – Thwarting Database Defects
It’s bad enough to spend hours finding and fixing database defects, explaining to the rest of the team what went wrong and trying to clean up the mess. It’s even worse when a defect causes the end-user to make a bad decision. Database defects are far too costly and most testing practices do not adequately detect or prevent them. This presentation introduces tSQLt, a framework for automated database unit testing. You’ll learn techniques to write SQL code that is resilient to defects and is easier to change and maintain.

4 Century Drive
Parsippany , NJ

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Download course content here: Thwarting Database Defects Class Distribution – Includes slides and examples


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